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Council still refuses food waste collections

3 May 2022

Our handy guide for where to recycle all the things the council won’t collect […]

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The plan without a plan

13 October 2021

Wiltshire Council publishes its climate change “strategy” – Sadly it actually reveals that they have no concrete plans and no real idea of how they are going to Zero Carbon […]

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Incinerator Madness

13 October 2021

It’s the worst thing we can do with our rubbish […]

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Reflections on the Local Elections in South Wiltshire and Salisbury

29 June 2021

The dust has now settled on our local election campaign and I believe Salisbury Greens should be very proud of what we have collectively achieved. […]

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Salisbury Greens support the introduction of a Carbon Tax

9 June 2021
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A Carbon Tax is a powerful tool to reduce the amount of fossil fuels that we are using. The oil, gas and coal industries will have to pay it, when they sell their products. […]

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The Stonehenge scheme undermines the UK’s commitment to address climate change and biodiversity loss

4 May 2021
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“Instead of tackling climate change and improving local services this classic view will be lost to future generations to save possibly 8 minutes journey time and cost us £2bn. Together […]

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Greens call for greater financial support for independent businesses

23 April 2021

The Green Party has called on the government to provide more financial support for independent businesses by reversing its decision to stop Covid-related business rate appeals and extend the business rate holiday and current tourism VAT cut through 2021 […]

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Houses for need – not for greed!

20 April 2021
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Greens will ensure that we build the right things in the right places with the right infrastructure – not a speculators’ paradise […]

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Greens will fight to reintroduce a new version of People Friendly Streets in Salisbury

13 April 2021

Greens will fight to reintroduce a new version of People Friendly Streets in Salisbury […]

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Greens are everywhere

10 April 2021

In Salisbury there will be a full slate of Green Party candidates for the first time ever, with Greens standing for all 24 of the City Council seats and all 8 seats on Wiltshire Council. […]

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  • Greens oppose extending windfall tax to renewable sector
    The Green Party has said the renewable energy sector should not be liable for a windfall tax and that fossil fuel companies must not be able to avoid such a tax by ‘hiding behind the façade of clean energy investments.’ Greens have made the demands following suggestions the government is planning to introduce a windfall […]
  • Greens call on ‘serial liar’ Johnson to resign after party pictures emerge
    Green Party co-leader Carla Denyer has said the Prime Minister must finally do the right thing and resign after ITV News published pictures of him drinking at a party during lockdown [1]. Denyer said: “It is now more clear than ever that Boris Johnson attended parties at Downing Street during lockdown, when everybody else was […]
  • Greens press for 10:1 pay ratio law as gap between bosses and staff continues to widen
    The Green Party has repeated its call for the pay ratio between chief executives and their workers to be limited to a ratio of 10:1. The demand comes as new evidence reveals pay ratios in the first months of 2022 averaged 63:1, almost doubling the ratio in 2021 [1]. Commenting, Green Party deputy leader, Amelia […]
  • Green Party respond to government decision to 'smash' Northern Ireland Protocol
    Responding to the statement by the Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss, that the government plans to legislate to rewrite the Northern Ireland Protocol [1], Green Party co-leader, Carla Denyer, said: “At least this government is consistent. They make rules and agree to laws and then routinely break them. From breaking Covid lockdown rules to unlawfully suspending […]
  • Ofgem: tinkering with energy cap review fails to address cost of living crisis
    Responding to the announcement by energy regulator Ofgem that it plans to review the energy cap every three months rather than the current six months [1], co-leader of the Green Party, Adrian Ramsay, said: “Changing the goalposts in this way will do nothing to help the millions of households struggling to put food on the […]
  • The Queen's speech: nothing to create fairer greener communities, say Greens
    The Green Party has accused the government of a failure to address the cost of living crisis or the climate emergency in the Queen’s speech.  Co-leader, Adrian Ramsay, said: “A lot of Bills; a lot of hot air. Nothing to create the fairer greener communities that so many are crying out for, and so many […]
  • Greens call for humane approach to cost of living and refugees in Queen’s Speech
    The Green Party has called for a multi-billion pound massive programme of insulation to be announced in the Queen’s Speech on Tuesday to address the cost of living crisis. The Greens are calling for the Government to provide £25bn to insulate homes and install renewable energy, helping to keep people's homes comfortable and reduce bills, […]
  • Greens celebrate record breaking results as party breaks 500 councillors mark across England and Wales
    Green Party now has 547 councillors on 167 local authorities Party has won a total of 124 seats including a net gain of 78 seats from Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrats and Independents Green Party gained more seats than Labour in England, and saw the highest percentage increase in seats of any party in England and […]
  • Greens making gains across the country as voters see party as the positive alternative
    Green Party’s diverse range of local election gains show it has become credible alternative to the Conservatives and Labour up and down the country “No safe seats” as Greens take positions from Conservatives and Labour Green gains all over England, from South Tyneside to Worcester, and from Exeter to the Wirral Co-leader Adrian Ramsay: “People […]
  • Green Party expresses solidarity with the people of Moldova
    After Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy warns that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is just the beginning and that Putin may seek to capture other countries [1], the Green Party has expressed its solidarity with the people of Moldova, a country on the frontline of Russian aggression.  Michal Chantkowski, Green Party activist, said: “We strongly support the […]