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Greens are everywhere

In Salisbury there will be a full slate of Green Party candidates for the first time ever, with Greens standing for all 24 of the City Council seats and all 8 seats on Wiltshire Council. That's more than any other party, including the Conservatives, who recently split over traffic reduction measures and cost the city a £1.3 million grant.

More Greens will be standing for Wiltshire Council in the wider South Wiltshire area, including in Downton where we came second four years ago, and also in Alderbury, Amesbury, Laverstock, Old Sarum, Redlynch, Wilton and Winterslow.

We know there are Green supporters all over Wiltshire, so this time we will be standing in almost every seat, so that everyone who wants to vote Green will be able to do so.

See all our candidates at

It’s time for more Green councillors!