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Ban private cars from narrow Salisbury streets to curb the virus

Salisbury Green Party is calling on WiltshireCouncil to help people walk and cycle whilst social distancing. Barriers to imposing car-free streets have been lifted following a Government decision, with ministers saying that councils can now cut red tape governing temporary road closures.

Salisbury Greens want the local authority to close streets with narrow pavements such as Fishterton and Catherine Street to private motor traffic. Buses, deliveries, blue badge holders and taxis would have access as normal. With a lower volume of traffic there is a reduced risk of collision when stepping off the pavement. This would make it easier for pedestrians and cyclists to adhere to the 2 metre social distancing rule when they access #Salisbury food stores, chemists and banks.

Our City air is cleaner and more families are about on their bikes getting exercise, because the reduced volume of traffic poses less danger. This is a fantastic opportunity for Wiltshire Council to pilot City street closures, and to show us it cares about our health and wellbeing.