Salisbury District Hospital "full to bursting"

06 April 2017

Staff coping, and continuing to provide first class care, but the place is full to bursting, reports Salisbury Green Party's Brig Oubridge

Greens Support Pro-EU Meeting

01 December 2016

There was a big turnout of Salisbury Green Party members at a public meeting organised by Salisbury For Europe

Salisbury Green Party Condemns Heathrow Decision

21 November 2016

Salisbury Green Party has condemned the decision by Theresa May to favour construction of a third runway at Heathrow as totally irresponsible.

Alison Speaks at School Question Time on Climate Change and Renewable Energy

15 November 2016

Alison Craig, who was the Green Party candidate for Salisbury in the 2015 general election, was one of four speakers who took part in a Question Time style debate at Godolphin School, as part of the school's environment week

Council's Bin Stupid (again)

14 October 2016

Salisbury Council has approved expenditure of £30,000 on replacing the city's litter bins. Astonishingly, the opportunity to introduce recycling bins has been ignored.

Air Pollution: New Dementia Fears

10 October 2016

Last year, independent monitoring showed that air pollution from traffic in parts of Salisbury is 50% over the EU legal limit. Now new research from the University of Lancaster has found minute particles of magnetite, which can be derived from air pollution, in brain tissue. The researchers have called for further research into a possible link with diseases such as dementia.

More Grammar Schools? No Thanks

08 October 2016

Salisbury Green Party calls on Wiltshire Council to resist pressure from the Government to increase and extend the number of grammar schools in Wiltshire

Greens Tackle Wiltshire on Homelessness

05 October 2016

Following an observable increase in the number of homeless people sleeping rough in Salisbury in the past year, Salisbury Green Party has been pursuing the matter with Wiltshire Council.

Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign

01 October 2016

Salisbury Green Party member Alison Craig outlines why it is imperative that our banks and pension funds divest from fossil fuel companies

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