Salisbury City Council Declares Climate Emergency

30 June 2019

On the evening of 17th June 2019, Salisbury City Council declared a Climate Emergency. Only 3 councillors voted against. They also asked that members of the public who had more knowledge on what was needed than them, please advise on the science and the necessary steps to de carbon ise Salisbury.

Before the meeting, Salisbury Extinction Rebellion held a ‘Funeral of the Species’ to mourn the extinction of so many species due to humanity. Then a die-in was held outside the Guildhall which many Greens took part in! Brig Oubridge had a starring role as ‘The Grim Reaper’.

photograph of die in, Salisbury

Members of the Green Party, Extinction Rebellion and others asked questions of the Council and made statements. We had been concerned that the original motion only declared support for Wiltshire County Council’s Climate Emergency Declaration. We were pleasantly surprised when Councillor Matthew Deane moved to amend it to Salisbury declaring a Climate Emergency.

City Council Leader Jeremy Nettles described climate change as ‘A very, very important issue-what we thought was going to be the future is actually today’. We need to both keep the pressure on & give advice as to what needs doing.

photograph of die in, Salisbury