CND 60th Anniversary

13 July 2018

Members of Salisbury Green Party were involved in the recent celebration of the 60th anniversary of CND.

The CND 60th Anniversary Symbol was photographed at Stonehenge and again, on 14th June, at the Salisbury CND AGM and talk at Sarum College.

photograph of Salisbury Green Party members at an event to mark CND's 60th Anniversary

Kate Hudson, General Secretary of National CND, was the guest speaker. Kate spoke to a well-attended public meeting on the global situation regarding nuclear weapons.

On the positive side there is now a UN treaty banning nuclear weapons that was agreed by 120 countries, including Austria, Ireland and the Holy See in Europe. But there is also increasing international tension and fears around the spread and use of nuclear weapons.

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists have moved the Doomsday clock to two minutes to midnight, the closest it has ever been to nuclear apocalypse since the organisation was founded shortly after the second world war. It was last at 2 minutes to midnight in 1953 at the height of the Cold War.

There is still much for CND to do as it marks its 60th anniversary.