Salisbury GP Members at the Green Party Conference

28 March 2018

Several Salisbury GP members attended the recent Green Party Conference in Bournemouth. 

photograph of Salisbury Green Party members and Jonathan Bartley

Meetings they attended included a 'meet your MEPs' session with Keith Taylor, Jean Lambert and Molly Scott Cato, which was a whirlwind tour discussion to find out the latest on Brexit and what it means for Greens in the UK and across Europe. This included tackling tax evasion, reviewing the UK's scandalous air-quality and pressing for action on green jobs. Because of the snow Keith Taylor was on a video link from Brussels!

photograph of Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley at the Green Party Conference

Salisbury members also took part in various meetings on how to organise to win elections, that included a focus on messaging strategy, creating leaflets and brochures and running a long and short campaign.

photograph of Amelia Womack at the Green Party Conference

They also attended discussions on housing and transport policy, plus an interesting and informative interview between Caroline Lucas and, speaking live from Denmark, Uffe Elback.

photograph of Caroline Lucas in conversation with Uffe Elback at the Green Party Conference