Greens condemn Trump climate change decision

2 June 2017

Green Party candidate for Salisbury, Brig Oubridge, this morning condemned Donald Trump's decision to withdraw the USA from the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

Speaking from his home in Salisbury, Brig Oubridge said "Climate change is the biggest problem facing humankind today, and the biggest threat to all our futures. Donald Trump is not just a climate change denier - the fact that he chooses to ignore the huge and overwhelming weight of scientific evidence makes him a climate change ignoramus. His decision has been rightly condemned by all the other major European leaders, and the fact that Theresa May chose not to join with them shows that our future would not be safe in her hands.

"It is particularly appalling that a post-Brexit Britain under Mrs. May would be rushing to do a trade deal with Donald Trump from a position of weakness and desperation, which would put all of Britain's own environmental commitments under threat. Instead, the leaders of all Britain's political parties should be uniting in making it clear to Donald Trump that we will not consider any kind of new trade deal with America unless and until this decision is reversed, and, Brexit or no Brexit, we should be discussing with our European neighbours whether we could and should actually be imposing trade sanctions on the USA as a result of this stance.

"In my personal view, it would be appropriate for all the other 194 countries who signed up to the Paris Accord to be considering imposing a carbon tax on all US exports if the USA does not come back into line with the rest of the world on this issue. Trump cannot be allowed to think that he can turn his back on climate change without facing economic consequences. I recognise that there are many sensible people in the US who are strongly opposed to Trump's move, including the state governments in California, New York and many other states, many business leaders, and leading members of both the Senate and House of Representatives. For the sake of all our futures, we must give them the strongest possible backing to force Trump to reconsider and back down."