Brig Oubridge: Your Green Party Candidate for Salisbury

23 May 2017

The Green Alternative

photograph of Brig OubridgeVote for Brig Oubridge on June 8th for

A Fair Economy
- end austerity and invest in the public sector
- tax the banks, the super-rich and multinational companies
- raise the minimum wage to £10 an hour by 2020

Safeguard our NHS
- plug the funding gap
- end creeping privatisation
- guarantee the rights of EU workers

Action on Climate Change and pollution
- strengthen existing regulation
- rapidly phase out fossil fuel dependence
- invest in renewable energy and energy conservation
- create a million new climate jobs over 5 years

A Real Democracy
- a fair system of proportional representation to end one party rule at all levels, and a new elected House of Lords

Green Party Co-Leader Caroline Lucas says:

"When I started working for the Green Party in 1987, Brig Oubridge was one of my bosses. 30 years later, he is still one of our most respected members, and would be an excellent MP for Salisbury. Please vote for him on June 8th."

Make your voice heard on June 8th - VOTE GREEN