Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign

1 October 2016

by Alison Craig, Salisbury Green Party member

With NASA’s latest finding that July and August were the hottest months in recorded history, and open water approaching the geographic North Pole, some scientists are predicting ‘Abrupt Climate Change’, when methane released by the melted sea ice rapidly increases the greenhouse effect, leading to the destruction of human habitat as soon as 2035.

photograph of Alison Craig

It is more imperative than ever that we demand that our banks and pension funds divest from fossil fuel companies including the oil giants BP and Shell. Our campaign is lobbying Wiltshire Pension Fund to divest their holdings in fossil fuel companies, on financial, environmental and ethical grounds.

We held a public meeting in Salisbury last November - 'Can we end fossil fuel use ... before it ends us?' which attracted top speakers. We work with, Go Fossil Free, Unison and Grandparents for a Safe Earth. We are also currently working on engagement with the environmental law firm ClientEarth, and ShareAction. We meet regularly, usually in Salisbury. Please join us. Contact Alison Craig

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