Barney Norris for Parliament

A statement from our Green Party candidate, a local resident and award-winning writer campaigning for the climate in Salisbury

Dear Voter,

we’ve all heard this will be a ‘turn the page’ election: change is coming to Salisbury and the UK. So who do we want to be after the ballots close on July 4th?

In 2021, after years as a carer navigating the UK healthcare and justice systems, I found myself homeless, out of money and out of work, living in my car in the winter of the second lockdown. It took a lot to come back from that place, but a big part of my recovery was coming home to Salisbury. This city put me back on my feet. I felt safe here. I rebuilt a career, bought a flat, and now I’ve resumed my career as a writer and university lecturer, with a passion for helping others to recover just like I have. Just like we’ve all had to in the last few years.

I know first hand that Salisbury is a compassionate city, deeply committed to social justice and the cherishing and preservation of our environment. I’m standing to be your MP at this election because I’d like to place those values at the heart of who we are. I hope you’ll join me.

Barney Norris


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