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Letter to Salisbury Journal re. old BHS store

Dear Sir,

What a good idea for the Three Chequers Medical Practice to set up flu jabs in the ex BHS in the Old George Mall and congratulations to the landlords for making the space available. Could this be the start of what the Salisbury Green Party called for in the 2019 General Election? A community hub to house all the much needed services either currently scattered across our city or unable to afford expensive retail space?

There could be some key services such as a new surgery for the Three Chequers which can be accessed without the need to drive, a new post office, a creche and offices for key national and local charities. Maybe with the Citizens Advice Bureau and with space for youth and education services. In addition there could be space for local independent retailers to replicate the High St provision last Christmas and for our local artists and students from our schools and colleges to display their work.

Adjacent to car parking including disabled provision and easily accessible to public transport such a community hub in our city would increase the availability of services and drive footfall. A new beating heart to bring our community together in these difficult times and to stimulate the regeneration plans for the city?

Rick Page