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Still Time to Save our Library

Salisbury Greens fight on as
 Council plan hits the buffers

Wiltshire Council’s unpopular scheme to move Salisbury library to new, smaller premises on Fisherton Street has now run out of cash and been shelved. So the library will stay where it is, at least for now.

The move was supposed to be temporary, with the Council intending to build a new library at some time in the future, but they have now found they don’t have the money for even the first move in this plan.

Meanwhile, with construction yet to start, the developers are already advertising for alternative tenants. The other part of their original scheme – a new hotel on the upper floors – must also be in doubt, due to the difficulties of the whole ‘hospitality sector’ since the pandemic.

When Salisbury Green Party asked for the whole scheme to be reviewed, pointing out that the people of Salisbury never wanted it, and over 5,000 people signed petitions against it last year, the Council’s cabinet agreed that “at the appropriate time we will consider options for Salisbury Library”.

”This is good news for Salisbury, and we will keep fighting for our library” commented Green Party campaigner Rick Page.

While Salisbury Library has remained closed longer than many others due to COVID-19, community action has helped fill the gap. The community book box shown below is one of a number which have sprung up around Salisbury.

Green Party campaigner Linda Oubridge refills the community book box in Coronation Road